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Sauerkraut Band General Information
The Sauerkraut Band is available on a limited basis to play any type of musical engagement in Virginia's New River Valley/Roanoke area (or beyond at a higher rate). The band consists of a minimum of nine musicians that play authentic German style music in traditional Bavarian style clothing.

Music – The band specializes in the traditional German beer tent favorites such as Leichtensteiner Polka, Rosemunde (Beer Barrel Polka), Alte Kammeraden Marsch, Yorkshire Marsch and many others. The band plays polka, waltz and march styles and many of the folk dance styles such as Landler, Schuplattler and Zwiefache. A standard song list is available on request.

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PA System – A public address system can be provided at no extra cost that would provide continuous background music of German favorites when the band is on break. The public address system can also be used by the presenting organization for announcements and other matters critical to the event.

Word Book – A word book (4-1/4" by 5-1/2") can be specially created for your event with lyrics to many of the popular songs that the band will play, along with a concise history of Germany's Oktoberfest. A number of versions of the songbook are available that can be customized to contain information from the presenting organization such as menus, schedule of activities, or programs. This can provide a unique take-away from the event that can be used in any number of ways. Examples of the Song Book are available on request.

Special Show Activities – The band has a number of audience participation activities that are part of the Oktoberfest tradition. Group participation numbers such as The Chicken Dance and Rucki Zucki along with group dancing lessons and contests such as a polka contest can provide a unique brand of entertainment to your event.


Booking The Sauerkraut Band
The Sauerkraut Band can perform for a wide variety of events.

Concert – Performance for an audience where the music is the main activity in a theatre setting.

Show – Performance in a controlled environment where the band is featured. This performance will usually allow for dancing and can focus on interaction with the audience.

Background Music - Performance where the music is not the main activity and where the band is providing atmosphere to enhance an event. Examples are Dinner Music Setting, Cocktail Music Setting, or Beer Tent Setting.


Physical Requirements
Stage Area –16' X 20' minimum, 20' X 24' or full stage preferred. Chairs: 9 to 14 straight chairs without arms (sturdy folding chairs are acceptable).

Power – Access to 110 volt 20 amp outlet (within 100' of the stage).

Storage – The band will need a small amount of space near the stage area to store instrument cases, and other equipment boxes.


Please contact Ed Schwartz to book The Sauerkraut Band or for further information. Additional items available include a complementary CD, The Sauerkraut Band Live at Mt. Lake, a sample copy of the Word Book from Mt. Lake, a color picture of The Sauerkraut Band, and a full list of available music.


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