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Sauerkraut Band Photo Pages

The following photos are from the BMW Vintage at the Vineyards Festival at the Shelton Vineyard in Dobson, North Carolina on May 23, 2009. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with wonderful wine, Vintage BMW's as far as the eye could see, dachshunds (mascots of the BMW), and (of course) great German Music from the Sauerkraut Band.

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The Sauerkraut Band The Clarinets Russell The Trumpeys
At Shelton Vineyard The Clarinet Polka Smile Russell! Hans, Ed & Russell
Euphoniums Prosit Prosit! Prosit
Seth & Ed Prosit Prosit Prosit
Audience Ed & Russelll Deirdre Jude & Tom
Enjoying the Music Schneewalzer Deirdre Jude and Tom
(Tom's Birthday!)
Crowd Crowd Otis Otis
BMW's on the lawn Lunch on the lawn Otisland Hangin' with Otis
Trumpet Echo Trumpey Echo Otis

Trumpet Echo Clarinets with Trumpet Echo Hangin' with Otis Otis with Ed & David Bowen
Chicken Dance Chicken Dance Chicken Dance Chicken Dance
Chicken Dancers Chicken Dancers Chicken Dancing Chicken Dancing
  Chicken Dance Audience  
  Crowd does the Chicken Dance Chicken Dancing with the BMW's  
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